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  1. Wood Materials

    • Plywood​

    • Wood Types

    • Molding

  2. Coating Materials

    • Paints, Stains, and Other Coatings​

  3. Cabinet Hardware

    • Knobs, Pulls, Hinges & Drawer Slides​

  4. Styles

    • Finish Styles​

    • Cabinet Styles

    • Door Styles

    • Door Overlay Styles


Plywood is engineered wood made of thin sheets of veneer, peeled from debarked wood. The thin layers, which are also called plies, are glued together in alternating right angles to create cross-grain patterns that add strength and stability to resist shrinkage and expansion caused by moisture. A popular choice for its strength and low cost. 


At Gus Cabinets, 3/4", 7-ply plywood is the go-to choice for the main foundation and structure of each cabinet, including special, veneered plywood for sides to match the solid hardwood on face frames. 1/4", 3-ply, plywood is used for cabinet backs, drawer bottoms, and sections of several door types. 1/5", 5-ply, birch plywood is mainly used for drawer sides.


 Frameless cabinets may require more strength and stability that is lacked from the frame, therefore, you can choose to have the thickness of plywood increased for the foundations, sides, backs, and doors. Please note that prices increase as the thickness increase at a cost of more durability and strength; this option may also be used with framed cabinets.


With there being 3 types of main wood material, softwood, hardwood, engineered wood, only one is most suitable for quality, cabinet finishes on face frames, doors, and special veneered plywood, which is hardwood; solid hardwood for face frames and doors. Softwood is not necessarily "softer" than hardwood but provides a strong ability to resist rot and insects which makes it a solid choice for framing in new construction, utility structures, and outdoor projects like decks and, on the other hand, most hardwood species are known for their wood grain patterns which are distinct and attractive, especially when shopping exotic woods, and therefore, a great choice for cabinetry.


Several species of hardwood, like maple and hickory, can resist scratching and denting to a high degree which makes them a very popular choice for painted cabinets, and, although, stain & other oil-based finishes are best used with hardwoods that are softer and provide fine grain texture, like alder and mahogany, they can also be used with those stronger wood species;  same goes for painted cabinets on "softer" hardwood species. At Gus Cabinets, maple is the go-to choice for most paints and alder for most stains, but please note that with more finish styles being introduced currently, paints, stains, and other coatings are used interchangeably with different wood species to provide a finished style that YOU desire. 


     Depending on your design preferences, molding can be a great asset in the overall effect of your custom kitchen by enhancing the style and elegance with different types of designed pieces for different areas of your cabinets. Some of the popular types of molding for cabinets include: crown molding, riser molding, light rail molding, base molding, fillers, toe kick molding, scribe molding, corner molding, skin panels and door panels. Let Gus Cabinets & More help you choose the best type of molding for your kitchen and bath dreams!  


       Although, the favorite look for Gus Cabinets is a clean, modern, semi-gloss finish, you have the option to create a finish style that best fits YOUR personal aesthetic and that can be accomplished with whichever coating type is the best for that finish, whether its oil-based or hybrid paints.

The modern, semi-gloss finish at Gus Cabinets is first primed to give the cabinets a solid, smooth base to paint on after sanding, along with several other reasons like, sealing pores on the unpainted surface & providing a neutral color back when refinishing. The cabinets are then painted to match the color that you've so kindly picked out with a strong and durable, semi-gloss finish that you can be proud to show off!

Gus Cabinets also provides traditional, stained cabinets with a pre-cat, lacquered topcoat for a strong & durable sealer that gives it its semi-gloss consistency. Learn more about choosing the best colors & coatings for the kitchen or bath of your dreams, Here. 


Knobs and pulls, along with cabinets, not only provide that finishing touch that bring the look and your personal style together, but also provide protection from fingerprints and wear of daily door use. Choosing knobs and pulls can be tricky but by knowing your cabinet style, you may have an indication towards knob and pull styles that can fit that cabinet style. Gus Cabinets can provide you with the hardware that best meet your cabinetry needs alongside professional installation.

Hinges and drawer slides are typically not the cabinet hardware that you think of when choosing cabinetry or until something is wrong with your doors/drawers but, with the right upgrades, can provide your investment with an extra layer of protection that can keep your cabinets looking great and working properly for years. Gus Cabinets provides your cabinets with, both, soft-close hinges and drawer slides, with professional installation, for a high-grade and a long lasting life.

Gus Cabinets can also provide your cabinets with lazy susans, spice pullouts, trash can pullouts and other cabinet hardware you may need to fulfill the kitchen or bath of your dreams, along with professional installation. 


While painted & stained cabinets are among the most popular styles of finishes, some folks prefer enhancements that truly make kitchen or bath cabinets stand THEIR character out! For example, there are standard and brushed glazes  that increase depth and dimensions to your cabinetry while another style is removing paint on certain edges to create a rustic, worn appearance, which, both, may increase the overall character of your cabinets. Today, the types of finishes, that are applied to woodworking and cabinetry projects, are ever increasing through new ideas and you might find yourself upon new types every now and then with new designs. See if Gus Cabinets can make your favorite designs come to life!


Cabinet styles today range from contemporary to modern to traditional and are increasing as new ideas and new types of coatings add more and more character and personality to cabinet designs. Most styles even intertwine with each other like the modern, shaker style look that's very popular at Gus Cabinets, which provides a simple and functional aesthetic with clean lines. The style is completed with the addition of your modern, kitchen/bath design & recessed, shaker styled doors, which are among the most popular type of door styles today for cabinets.


Cabinet styles, door styles, and overlay styles can, possibly, fit in the same category but each has its own unique traits that are important enough to let YOU choose the best for your design aspirations (scroll down for more info.)  Whether you have a modern, traditional, or even a retro look in mind, see if Gus Cabinets & More is the right choice for your cabinet designs.


As they are the most visible aspect of your cabinets, door styles/designs create one of the BIGGEST impacts in your kitchen designs and, for that reason, has multiple types of designs that can be manufactured with multiple types of wood and attachments, like glass and bead board.

As previously stated, at Gus Cabinets, recessed, shaker doors are among, if not, the most popular type of door style with a clean modern, semi-gloss finish, and other popular door design options are slab, traditional square raised, and open frame doors with glass to show off those certain items. Learn more from about the different type of door options and styles from a local provider, Here.    


Lastly, overlay styles contribute to being a major aspect of the overall design of your cabinets and will also get you thinking about storage space for your cabinetry, as you have the options of overlay cabinets or frameless cabinets (European-style cabinets), which removes the face frame and are mainly used with slab doors to create the popular European-style design. Please note, as the face frame is removed, the cabinets will lose some strength and stability and can, therefore, have the option to increase plywood size.


The 3 door overlay styles are full overlay, partial overlay, and zero-overlay (inset) with the full overlay covering most of the face frame (usually 3/4"), partial overlay covering only part of it (usually 3/8"), and zero-overlay which makes the doors level with the face-frame, also called an inset door style. Choose the best option for your cabinet aspirations at Gus Cabinet & More. 


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