My name is Gustavo, but you can call me Gus

Our vision at Gus Cabinets and More is to fulfill every customers' idealizations of a dream kitchen. 

Making sure our designs are customized for every clients specific needs and understanding the importance of the customers involvement in the design process.

Making your kitchen the heart of your home. 

We identify with a group of core values that identify who we are as a small local business. 



Authentic and reliable in who we are as a small local company

Our handmade products are made with high quality materials only


Our products are made with care and delivered on time


Our dedication aids in the production of the best products 


We understand that every family is different, that's why our products are made to fit your family  


Gus established Gus Cabinets and More on February 1, 2017 in the small town of Stanfield, NC after gaining expertise from his mentor in the field, Bobby Fink. 

Having previously worked at Eudy's, Gus knew that if he wanted to learn more about the manufacturing process of kitchen cabinets, he needed more direct hands-on experience. 

That is when he left the company to join a smaller, localized company where he met his future mentor, Bobby Fink.


Bobby taught Gus everything he knows; from striping down material, assembly and finishing. 

Along the process, he understood the significance of his work. The reaction that customers had when seeing their kitchen come together before their eyes was heart warming and rewarding. The more experience he gained the more he understood why the kitchen became the heart of the house. Making such impact on him, Gus finally decided to branch off and open his own business. 

Sad to see him go, Bobby knew he would do great on his own. Giving Gus all the support he could to prepare him for success.

Today, Gus is well settled in his shop at 139 Concord St, Stanfield NC. Growing with every kitchen set he builds, he has reach far out of the greater Charlotte area. 

You can reach him at 980) 238 2172 for a free quote for new builds or remodels!

Se habla Español!


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